Indiana’s Camp (Sri Lanka)

Hello dear friends and Ahoy !

For all of you who don’t already know me:
My name is André Noatsch aka. Notschi from Potsdam.

My life has always been revolving around boardsports and in 2005 I landed in Sri Lanka. There, and for the last 10 years, I poured my heart and soul with passion into the “Spunky Monkey” Wakeboard Camp, a small waterski and wakeboarding school in Hikkaduwa.

During that very special time I was able to develop a strong relationship with the country, the place and the people there, which has always contributed to making the stay more enjoyable for my guests and I. By now I feel I can safely call this place my second home.

For some time now I have been playing with the idea of building a small bungalow village (a commune) there – a space where the creativity of the guests could run wild and free. Hikkaduwa is not only a perfect wakeboarding spot but it is also great for diving, snorkeling and surfing. Whether you want to throw yourself into yoga, take in the local culture or just dance the night away to great music in our party stronghold, you can find it there.
If this resonates with you and you have always dreamt of visiting Sri Lanka, then YOU are exactly who we are looking for to take part in our project!

Every donation will go towards the creation of a very special place where EVERYONE can feel at home, just as I did when I first arrived here, and to the establishment of social projects for and with local children, in which tourists and locals can learn from one another. This includes for example: cooking classes, familiarizing yourself with the local flora and fauna and of course also skateboarding and wakeboarding classes.

One of the key elements of this project is the creation of jobs for the two local families, with whom I have been good friends with for the last 10 years, and to whom we owe the pleasure of being able to use this piece of land right by the Hikkaduwa Lagoon. It is on this piece of land that we would like to establish the commune.

The basics, such as access to water and electricity and the kitchen, are already in place.

Thanks to your donations in 2016, we were able to build 2 bungalows, one houseboat and a covered kitchen area!
The next steps are: making sure the kitchen area is well protected during the rain season, building a yoga platform, a skate ramp and building up a SUP Center (Stan Up Paddling).

You want clear your head and depart from the ordinary? Have you always wanted to go to Sri Lanka?
Than what are you waiting for? Come to Indiana’s Camp!
For every 10€ donation you’ll get to stay one night in the camp including meals and you’ll get to support a good cause!

Please check our Support Us page to find out how you can help us!

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