Spunky Monkey in Berlin

During summer time you can find us in Berlin and Brandenburg, we often have barbecues and small get-togethers to meet new people or talk about the project, or just to have a little reunion with everyone who came by in the last years.

In 2017 we were present with a gallery-container on BetonInsel in Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, you cannot find us there anymore but keep an eye out on our Facebook page : Spunky Monkey Indiana’s Camp for the latest updates and events taking place in Berlin.


The Wild Waste Gallery and the One Love Machine Band

Our stay at BetonInsel led to work and get to know incredible people with awesome projects. We strongly encourage you to be on the lookout for the next events happening at the Wild Waste Gallery.

Take your entire family to enjoy the regular weekend-shows of our favorite artist and companion: Kolja Kugler and the One Love Machine Band. Some of you may have already come across the band at festivals or in some Berlin clubs, but the real home of the One Love Machine Band is the Wild Waste Gallery and it is like no other you’ve ever seen before: it’s real instruments played by very real robots.

You can follow the latest updates on Facebook here: Wild Waste Gallery or simply go visit them at Greisfwalder Str. in Berlin.

Here is a little preview:

One Love Machine Band

One Love Machine Bandvielen Dank an Guido Kulecki für das Video

Gepostet von Wild Waste Gallery am Mittwoch, 6. September 2017


BetonInsel is still a work in progress but our desire next spring is to become one of Kreuzberg’s go-to cultural spot. We plan to offer you a space where artists of all sorts can come to create and display their art and families and friends can come and hang out, barbecue or just have some fun with the kids.